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Webster Elementary School

Upcoming Project



New solar canopy projected to meet approximately 85% of the school’s energy needs. Canopy may be stationed on the school’s playground, parking lot or field, sheltering students from sunlight and rain while generating clean energy.  

Construction starts: Q1 2025
Projected completion: Q2 2025



Additional Renovations



Projected Start

Projected Completion

Playground repairs Replacement of existing playground matting and play structures Q4 - 2023 Q4 - 2023
Shade structure Free-standing shade structure and matching picnic bench. Q3 - 2023 Q4 - 2023
Phone system upgrade New phone system for enhanced school safety and staff connectivity.  Q4 - 2023 Q1 - 2024
Furniture replacement Modern, versatile furniture in all classrooms. Q1 - 2024 Q2 - 2024
Roofing  Repair or replacement of existing building roofs. Q3 - 2024 Q3 - 2024
Paving repairs - Phase 2 Replacement of existing playground matting and play structures. Q3 - 2027 Q3 - 2027

          Project list updated November 2023                   
          Q1 = Jan-Mar  Q2 = Apr-Jun  Q3 = Jul-Sep  Q4 = Oct-Dec

Completed Projects