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Voters Approve $1.7B for School Repairs

Voters Approve $1.7B for School Repairs

Measure Q, the Long Beach Unified School District’s health, safety and student achievement bond measure, was approved by local voters by a yes vote of 60.72%, according to election results certified this week. The Nov. 8 measure required at least a 55% yes vote for passage. Measure Q provides LBUSD $1.7 billion for school renovations and the possibility of state matching funds totaling millions of dollars over the life of the bond.

“On behalf of the entire Long Beach Unified community, thank you voters for investing in our schools,” LBUSD Superintendent Jill A. Baker said. “This victory is for our more than 65,000 students, and the countless students who will benefit from upgraded school facilities in the years to come. We are deeply grateful to our parents, teachers, staff and community members who made this victory possible. Because of their support, our students will have access to safe and modern schools.”

Proceeds from the measure will improve plumbing systems, maintain safe drinking water and upgrade schools to meet accessibility and earthquake safety standards, among other health and safety improvements. Bond proceeds will also renovate libraries, science and computer labs and fund the construction of new career education spaces. Additional Measure Q improvements will include new or renovated athletic facilities and new air conditioning systems at aging campuses that did not need air conditioning under the previous Measure E program but now have systems approaching end of life. More than 80% of the District’s school buildings are over a half-century old.

In July of 2022, the District’s Board of Education voted unanimously to place Measure Q on the Nov. 8 ballot. That vote coincided with the Board’s approval of LBUSD’s 2022 Facility Master Plan (FMP), which identified $3.8 billion in funds needed to upgrade aging campuses. Community members will continue to receive regular communication on the District’s school facilities planning and progress. Detailed information about current and future facilities projects can be found at