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Apply for the Citizens' Oversight Committee Today!

Apply for the Citizens' Oversight Committee Today!

Are you passionate about education and community service? Do you want to ensure that school bond expenditures are transparent and beneficial to our students? The Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) invites you to apply for a position on the Citizens' Oversight Committee (COC).

What is the Citizens' Oversight Committee?
The COC is a seven-member group appointed by the LBUSD Board of Education. The committee’s primary role is to review and report on school bond expenditures, ensuring that funds are used effectively and responsibly on school renovation and construction. COC members represent various segments of the community, including senior citizens, parents, business owners, and taxpayers.

Why Join the COC?
Joining the Citizens' Oversight Committee is an excellent opportunity to support your local schools and ensure that bond expenditures are used wisely. Your involvement can help create a positive impact on the educational environment and resources available to our students. As a COC member, you will:

Ensure Accountability: Play a crucial role in overseeing the expenditure of school bond funds, ensuring they are used as intended for school improvements and enhancements.
Represent Your Community: Provide valuable insights and perspectives from your segment of the community, whether you are a senior citizen, parent, business owner, or taxpayer.
Enhance Transparency: Help maintain transparency in school bond projects, fostering trust and confidence among community members.
Make a Lasting Impact: Contribute to decisions that will positively affect students, teachers, and school facilities for years to come.

Apply today and be a part of a dedicated team working towards a brighter future for our community. We are always accepting applications, so don't hesitate to submit yours!

Who Can Apply?
The LBUSD Board of Education is seeking qualified and dedicated individuals who are committed to serving their community. Applicants should be:

Passionate about Education: A genuine interest in the well-being and improvement of our schools.
Community-Minded: Willing to represent and advocate for the interests of your community segment.
Detail-Oriented: Capable of reviewing financial documents and reports to ensure proper use of funds.
Dedicated: Ready to commit to serving a maximum of three, two-year terms.

How to Apply
If you are interested in joining the COC and making a difference in our school district, we encourage you to apply HERE. For more information, visit the bonds website, or contact us at We look forward to receiving your application and working together to support our schools!


COC Bylaws 

The COC’s governing bylaws are available at the District’s bonds website.