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David Miranda

David Miranda Heads School Building Program

When David Miranda was a fourth grader at Sepulveda Elementary School in Santa Ana, he said he felt a sense of joy the day he and his classmates picked up their books and pencils to move from their temporary quarters in a church to their brand new, just-completed school building next door.

Millikan High's Unique Building Nears Completion

Millikan High's Unique Building Nears Completion

A unique new building is nearing completion on the Millikan High campus and scheduled to be open by next fall. Known as the 11000 Building, the 50,000-square foot facility was designed to accommodate specific needs of the school’s academies or learning pathways.

District Updates 21st Century Learning Specs

District Updates 21st Century Learning Specs

If you think public school classrooms haven't changed much in the last 50 years, you may be surprised to learn what is in store in the next half century. Examples of innovative learning environments can already be seen in newly built schools such as McBride and Browning high schools.

Millikan High's Unique Building Nears Completion

School Bond Projects Create Thousands of Local Jobs

In the last year, the Long Beach Unified School District has increased its outreach to contractors and subcontractors, resulting in almost 2,200 individuals from the local area being hired to work on school construction and renovation projects during the quarter ending June 2019.

Sara Slater

Sara Slater Sings Praises of the "Long Beach Way"

Sara Slater was born, educated, and has raised her children in Long Beach, and does not plan on leaving. The assistant director of fiscal services for school bond programs, who has been a Long Beach Unified School District employee for 20 years, sings the praises of what she calls the "Long Beach Way".

Liseeth Ramos

Assistant Principal Reaches Out to School Community

Assistant Principal Liseeth Ramos remembers struggling in school as a kindergartner with limited English skills. "I decided then and there that when I grew up, I wanted to help students who come from immigrant communities," she said.

Jose De La Mora

Director of Operations Lives American Dream

When Jose De La Mora was a little boy in Mexico, he never dreamed he would one day be overseeing 408 employees in one of the largest school districts in California. In what can only be called an American success story, the youngest son of a taxi driver turned construction worker has risen through the ranks of Long Beach Unified, from school custodian to director of operations.

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